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Kitha - rough concept 1 - by Taleea
Kitha - rough concept 1 -

Hello there.

Currently a few friends and I work on a new project. I will not fill you in the details yet, but just to give you a little bit of a little goodie, here is the main character the project will focus on.

Once I got the permission of the team, I will also tell you about this more, but for the time being, I would really, really appreachiate it, if you would give me some oppions on the design and what you think about this char in general. The main-question would what sorta impression you get, when you look at it without knowing Kitha yet. :)

Thank you very much for you help.

Kitha, character by :iconknuckles6k:
Design and art by: Me
Painting-Practise - the priestess by Taleea
Painting-Practise - the priestess
I'm doing a lof of sketching and character-designs  and try to improve my skills. What I want to try out is how fast I can get, so I'm also doing a lot speedpaint at the moment, too. Well, when I say 'a lot', it means it's a little bit more then usual. I really hope to have a more regular work-schedule at my work place soon again and a little less stress for a change.

Anyway... This is what I did for the sake of practise and the fun of it, mostely. Maybe I will use this woman in some future-project, though... we'll see. :shrug: :)
The Whispered World - Yakis on tour by Taleea
The Whispered World - Yakis on tour
Aren't they the cuttest? I just love the Yakis from The Whispered World (a brilliant adventure done by Daedelic Entertainment, also available as an english version, btw.) just like I love this game.
Their stlye is simple, but still with a lot love for the detail put into them and this makes them extremly cute. Have a look at the game if you like. ^^ I'm proud we have such a company here in Germany. Their games are truely amazing. :w00t:

This is meant to be a little tribute to Daedalic: Thank you for making all those beautifull games, folks!

Yakis and "The Whispered World" by Daedalic
art by me
Moonlit shadow by Taleea
Moonlit shadow
Man... it's really been a while I did anything any close to fanart at all... and for a long time, too ^^; Finally got some spirit back, though. Despite the fact that my current situation at the my workplace haven't changed much (I have way too much work at the moment again...), but I finally can spare, at least, a little time for art again, so weee :woot:

And it's also part of the Robot-Masters/ Wily Numbers-portraits I started quiet some time ago, but never found time to keep it up, so I'm happy I could go on with it a little more. :D

Shadow Man, especially the Shadow Man created by Hitoshi Ariga (Rockman Megamix and Gigamix) is one of my absolute favourite Wily Numbers and not only because he's 1) a ninja and b) Wily's personal bodyguard and had c) quiet a lot of 'screentime' in Gigamix. It's rather the personality Ariga gave him in his manga that made Shadow Man extremely likable. But hey! actually he did this with the whole bunch, so... :shrug: and :XD:

Hope you like this pic.
Godfather Death by Taleea
Godfather Death
What a little bit of reading Discworld can do.... ^^;
I started reading Terry Pratchets Discworld novels and quickly found my favorite character: Death.
This, of course isn't the real thing and the figure Looks a lot different then those works done by Paul Kidby, which I truly love. His style is extraordenary and so full of Detail and Spirit. 

This work is not really Discworld, but it has a tiny, little feel of it. :)
star::pencil:WHAT'S NEW?:pencil::star:
Hey there! FINALLY, alright! That really, really puts it right. Took Long enough and I really almost had it with that Company. But now everything's up and running, so I also can finally take care of all the comments you guys left me.

Spread the word, folks. I'm finally back again... well, at least you will see me more often around again for sure. It's not that I have really left at all, though...  ^^;
Even though, I still have a lot of work at my Job I will try to come back to my regular updates all two weeks. Which also means, you can expect more art from me again, for all who like my works. :D

See ya! :)
Since the DA-shop reduced itself to art and prints mostely, the option of paying me in DA-point for my commissions, so I could get some of the DA-goodies and wears became a little bit useless. That's why I've decided to change the rules to make it a bit easier for those who might like to ask for a commission.

Instead of paying me in DA-points, you just buy me a book on amazon and let it be shipped to me. The price for my work will include both, the book/ product AND TAXES, so you don't worry about hidden costs or something. Of course I have no influence on the constant changes of the courses of your currency, but I try to give you a calculation how much it would be in dollar, pound or whatever you use as money in your country.

For the rules, have a look here:…
I've updated them as well. :)

bye for now!

:deviation: COMMISSIONS :deviation:
For the rules, read this journal-entry:… . Pay attention to it, so you can see what counts for what, especially when it comes to where you live.

SLOT A::bulletgreen: :iconokida: :bulletgreen: - done -
SLOT B::bulletpurple: free :bulletpurple:
SLOT C::bulletyellow: free :bulletyellow:

:new: UPDATES :new:
Flower-Princess Lilia

-- --

:new::bulletgreen::new: TRINIDAT ESTATE, first demo nearly finished. :new::bulletgreen::new:

:bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletblack:OLD NEWS:bulletblack::bulletyellow::bulletpurple:
DBZ-game currently frozen in, but...!
Trailer in planing
Continuing with the games
Working on new ideas
SKS (Sideview-Battle-System)
TRINIDAT ESTATE - first demo in the make

-- --

!!!currently frozen in!!!
I'm very close to finishing up the first demo of my game. It will be tested by some friends and guys from my semester during the next three weeks.
If the results are possitive, I'll send it to one of the communities for critiques and hope for good results, so they might take it and make it a download.
Once that's done. I'll let you know if and where you can download it for playing.

One thing though: It's a Windows-game only. Sorry to all Mac- and Linux-Users :worry:.

Feel free to ask me anything about it, if you like.

:bulletblue: Rockman X TRINIDAT ESTATE
Game-type: Story-based Adventure
Genre: Fanfiction
Fanart available of the game on DA?: YES

Current state: In programming
Mapping: finished!
currently: writing of dialogs and quest-programming

Finishing-rate of the Game, total: approx. 35 %
:star: Finishing-rate of a demo: approx. 98 % :star:

:hypermind: TUTORIALS :hypermind:
All tutorials I have done so far can be found here in this section.
I'm also open to general questions about drawing, techniques, using Photoshop and so one, so feel free to ask me at any time if you have a question. :)

1. Perspectives:…
2. Brushtools:…
3. Glow-effect:…

This challenge is over, but more will come for sure. If you like to know what the list contents, feel free to have a look here:
Shadow/Maria-100-Theme-Challenge-List :…

:pencil:REQUEST-/TRADE-RULES :pencil:
Requests/Trades I don't like :no::
- unlogical crossovers with totally different genre:
means: series which do not make any kind of sense when mix them together. (Easy examples: Sailor Moon with Sonic, Yu-Gi-Oh with Dragon Ball, Teen Titans with Naruto and so on)
:star: INFORMATION :star:
It's not that I don't draw crossovers in general anymore, but they have to fit together somehow. Either way in genre, style or in story.
:star: INFORMATION :star:
- Gender-change, means: Drawing a male chara female and the other way around. (I simply don't like that.)
- Copy-pics, means: Drawing something familar to another artist's pic. [that's stealing! >_<]
:pencil: COMPLETELY DONE TRADES  :pencil:
:star: MY FRIENDS :star:
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: audio books, mostly
  • Reading: Discworld-novels
  • Watching: mostly documentaries
  • Playing: with mouse-wheels and tablets
  • Eating: still healthy stuff.
  • Drinking: what I usually drink


Stefanie Schönert
Artist | Professional | Varied
I'm kindhearted, art- and natureloving and can't stand people who talk all smart, but do not know anything under the line.

Current Residence: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Favourite genre of music: almost every, but mostely Chant, electronic and instrumental
Favourite style of art: hmm... dunno, using almost every technique...
Operating System: WIN XP
MP3 player of choice: Not available... yet!
Shell of choice: warm, soft and cosy ^-^
Favourite cartoon character: Shadow the hedgehog, many Transformers, many Lok-characters
Personal Quote: 'Don't stress yerself!'

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